Delivered Free to Each Household Twice a Year in Crunwere Parish and the Surrounding Area

Next edition: the Autumn Edition deadline is 15th October 2020 and it will be delivered around the village to be out by 15th November – hopefully we will be able to rpint and distribute this edition!

Recent Newsletter – sadly due to Coronavirus this had to be an online only version, coming out at the beginning of May –

Llanteg Newsletter Spring 2020 flip book version

Old Newsletters Online

Old Newsletters are all available to view at going back to 2008.
From Spring/Summer 2016 we are publishing the Newsletter in colour.


The Newsletter is complied twice a year by the Hall Committee and delivered by hand around the village in mid-May and mid-November.

The current compiler is Ruth Roberts who can be contacted at Sandy Grove, Llanteg –  01834 831298 –


Most of our 250 Newsletters get hand delivered around the village and surrounding area by members of the hall committee.
We each have an area to cover, but if anyone would like to help out please let us know as sharing the load makes it easier for everyone, and its only twice a year.

Mailing List

If you would prefer to have a digital copy of our Newsletter then please let us know so that we can add you to our mailing list.
This is useful for people who live outside the village and who do not get a paper copy delivered.  Also if anyone in the village just wants a digital copy it will also save us having to deliver one!

Advertise in Our Newsletter

We sell advertising space to help cover our printing costs.
We are asking £10 per small box – to cover two issues. If you would like a larger advert it will be £20 or you can double that up for £40.

Please note that any Business advertised in the Newsletter does not imply a recommendation – they are provided for information only.  Llanteg Village Website/Village Hall Committee accept no liability for any linked sites or Businesses.

Dogs and Newsletter Delivery

These Newsletters are usually delivered by hand by our team of volunteers.
Lately we have noticed more and more dogs on our rounds, and on a previous delivery someone had a nasty experience with one. If there is a sign on the gate we will not enter, but many places have nothing to warn people of dogs, until they come bounding out.
In future we may not be delivering to your property if we have encountered dogs there in the past. Some Newsletters we post anyway, but due to the cost of postage we cannot do that for everyone.
We do not wish to invade anyone’s privacy—so if you want to keep us out—why not just put up a sign and a mail box at the gate.
Or if you prefer not to have a Newsletter—just let us know.