Four of the founder members: John Lewis-Tunster (Treasurer), Margaret & Tony Brinsden (Chairman) and Ruth Roberts (Secretary), taken at the exhibition. (Missing was Mollie James)

Formed in March 1999 – dissolved in 2019

The End of an Era 1999-2019
We held our ‘Celebrating 20 Years’ exhibition in June. It was lovely to see so much continued interest in the material we had collected, and to sell more of our books.
It was with sadness therefore that we finally decided at our AGM to wind up the society, which held its last meeting on 17th September. 
The society began with a good core back in 1999, but sadly over the years we have lost several members and it was difficult to carry on with so few attending meetings.  As per our constitution, our remaining funds and
publications are transferred to Llanteg Hall.

Tony Brinsden (Chairman) commented that it was sad for the group to be winding up but he was proud to have been associated with the Society from its beginnings.  We had lost so many members over the years, through death, infirmity and some moving away.  Tony also thanked past member Judith Lloyd who was so instrumental with our book compiling and editing and Ruth & Andy Webb who took such an active role and helped with our survey of gravestones, taking hundreds of photographs.  For a small village we are gratified to have been able to collect so much of its history.
Research papers and photographs, collected over 20 years, will be held in the village and our books will still be available for sale.

Some information can slowly be put online for everyone’s benefit – we have already uploaded the gravestone pictures and data.  Ruth will also still keep all the history blogs going so none of the existing information online will be lost.
Ruth Roberts (Secretary) was presented with a lovely multi photo frame, flowers and a very thoughtful card – all of which were very much appreciated.
We extend much thanks to everyone who has contributed items, photographs, reminiscences or local knowledge over the years – we could not have done so much without your help.  Our six books and five booklets and various exhibitions are testament to the community involvement over the years. Any Llanteg related items or information will still be gratefully received.
Any enquiries or book orders can still be made via Ruth.



Our aim was to collect and circulate the history of the parish and its people


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It was with some sadness that it was unanimously voted at our recent AGM for our society to be wound up.

The society began with a good core back in 1999, but sadly over the years we have lost several members, and it is difficult to carry on with so few attending meetings. It has achieved far more than many other history groups with many books and publications and a host of speakers.

It was felt that all the local history was mostly complete, with no more books planned and difficulty in obtaining grant funding due to having to be in Welsh and English. 
It was with regret put to a vote, which was unanimously accepted by the members to wind up the History Society. A further meeting is needed to sort out transfer of funds etc. as per the constitution – this will be on 17th September.
Publications will still be on sale from Ruth Roberts.


Old Committee

Chairman – Tony Brinsden, Norton Lodge 01834 831775

Secretary – Ruth Roberts, Sandy Grove 01834 831298

Treasurer – John Lewis-Tunster, Beech Lea, Trelessy Lane

Crunwere Parish



We still continue research however and follow up any new history leads that come our way.  We are also happy to help people with any enquiries into the village or their ancestors.

Completed Projects

With help of grants from The Lottery, SPARC (now PLANED) and PAVS, some of our work includes:-

Compiled a Society blog together with ones for Crunwere Church, Mountain Chapel, Zoar Chapel, Crunwere School, Milestones, Remembrance and Village Well.

Complied folder and blog with Then and Now pictures around the village.

Completed blog with a Timeline for Llanteg.

Transcribed village censuses 1841-1901.

Collected old Wills, Newspaper Articles, Sales Notices etc.

Bought a large map of village, 10 display boards plus an aerial photo for the Village Hall.

Compiled a Millennium census of residents and taken photos of each property.

Taken pictures of features around the village and also take more shots as places change.

Collected reminiscences of older residents.

Collected Christmas reminiscences.

Collected old and current field names for comparison.

Conducted a year long Hedgerow Survey into plants in the parish.

Redrafted and published the Village Information Leaflet.

Researched the names of people who fought in the 2 World Wars and commissioned a War Memorial for the village hall.

Purchased 2 old water pumps and remodelled the gardens where the old Mountain Chapel had stood. We also erected an information panel and plaque.

Collected all grave inscriptions and photographed each of the 296 gravestones in the parish.

Helped to erect an Information Board at the Village Hall and also at The Old School Garden.

four history books, two picture books, W.I.booklet, Graves booklet, Recipe booklet, two House History booklets.

Crunwere Gravestone Survey 2006/2007  

With the grant from PAVS expiring on 21st January 2008 we managed to finish the work with just days to spare, due mainly to bad weather and illness. The survey consisted of a photograph of each grave (296 in total in the parish church and two chapels). We then made out a sheet for each grave and used codes (taken from Harold Mytum’s book) to categorise the styles of gravestone. We also collected the verses off the stones. The names and dates of those buried had been collected previously and published in our Burial Booklet. One copy of the survey has been sent to Harold Mytum of Liverpool University as he is doing research into Pembrokeshire gravestone styles. Another has been be deposited at the Record Office, Haverfordwest. We will be keeping the original photographs and one copy for ourselves.
We will also be giving copies of the relevent sections to Rev’d Geach (for Crunwere Church), Amroth Community Council (for Mountain Chapel) and E.C.Thomas & Sons (for Zoar Chapel of Rest). Thanks to Ruth and Andy Webb, who, together with John Lewis-Tunster, took all the photographs and also to Ruth Webb who collected the verses off the gravestones. Ruth Roberts put the files together and stuck in all the photographs (which were all ordered via Kodak over the internet and delivered very promptly). Ruth and Andy managed to decipher some gravestones that we had previously marked as ‘illegible’ in our earlier Grave Booklet and even managed to find three ‘new’ gravestones – which is another story!


Llanteg/Crunwere War Memorial


William Davies, Bevlin, 9th October 1917

(Private, 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers)


Hugh Slader Glanville, East Llanteg, 11th November 1917

(Private, 24th Battalion, Welsh Regiment)


James Edgar John Mason, Ruelwall, 14th June 1944

(Stoker 1st Class. HMLBO. Royal Navy)


As there was no memorial in the village to commemorate the War Dead the History Group decided to do their own.


This War Memorial was commissioned by the History Society in 2003 and designed and worked for free by Mrs Diana John of Ruelwall, being unveiled in February 2004.

War Memorial and Brass Plaque in Llanteg Hall to commemorate the three War Dead from Crunwere Parish.  The  Brass Plaque is to commemorate Diana John of Ruelwall who designed and worked the memorial free for the History Society.

The War Memorial was unveiled by Mrs Eileen Oriel (widow of Mr J.E.J.Mason) after a dedication by Rev’d Bate in February 2004. Families and friends gathered for the short service followed by tea and refreshments. The History Group also ensure that the Village Hall is open every Remembrance Sunday for anyone who wishes to come and pay their respects.


2009 Update – Glanville Memorial

As Crunwere Church was declared redundant in 2009 the memorial to Hugh Slader Glavnille was relocated to Llanteg Hall and rededicated on 11th November 2009.  It is now displayed alongside our tapestry memorial.




Update for John Lloyd


We have also now finally added a memorial for John Lloyd who until recently was an unrecognised and acknowledged War Casualty who was buried at an isolated graveyard at Lovett, Alberta.  More on his story and our years of research can be read here.


Mountain Chapel Unveiling 9th September 2007

Mountain (Lanteague) Chapel was closed at the end of 1999/2000.  The URC wanted to sell it as a dwelling house but the community objected due to the close proximity of the graves.  We succeeded in saving the graves but the result was that the chapel was virtually demolished and the stone used to turn the vestry at the back into a house.


An Information Board was produced by the History Group detailing the origins of the chapel and this was put near the doorway in 2005 (this was funded by the URC).


The gardens inside the ‘footprint’ of the old chapel became overgrown so the Community Association obtained a grant from PLANED (plus local contributions – raised through the History Society book launch, private donations and a quiz sheets) to get the area paved and covered in slate chippings – together with a path in the shape of a religious cross.


We also situated two old village water pumps there -that had originally come from Crunwere Farm and Sparrow’s Nest (these were purchased from the estate of Glyn James of Woodview).

The next phase was for the History Group to set about purchasing planters and having them professionally planted.  We purchased slate type planters to match the chippings and invited donations from anyone who wished to support us.  This has now resulted in the planters being completed and a plaque produced in memory of those whose relatives have supported our venture.

The final stage was the Unveiling Ceremony on 9th September.  This was done by Rev’d Sarah Geach after a short dedication ceremony.  An introduction and background on the history of the chapel was given by Clr Tony Brinsden (also Chairman of the History Society).  We were pleased to see so many relatives and friends at the chapel for the ceremony, and also back at the Hall for tea and a chat afterwards.  Those who had donated towards the planters were given a framed photo of the chapel and a thank-you letter for their support.


 Tony Brinsden and Rev’d Sarah Geach after the unveiling