Are you interested in gardening, growing your own fruit and vegetables and meeting up to chat with like-minded neighbours?

===22 Oct Update===

Good morning everyone,
Many thanks for all your support at last Wednesday’s meeting, and from our meeting we now have eighteen paid up members, which is very encouraging.
If anyone wishes to join, then please contact Dawn or Pauline, the annual membership is £10, and there is a £2 charge (raffle) for each meeting attended which covers the cost of hall hire. The membership fee covers the costs of the guest speakers.
If you no longer want to be contacted by email or don’t wish to be a Gardening Group member, then please contact me.
The meeting commenced with feedback on the Kilgetty in Bloom judging by Dawn & Pauline, which we fully appreciate the effort required to carry out this work, both professionally and with impartiality.
It was lovely to see all the different types of gardens entered and the variety of classes and use of limited gardening space, along with the use of various materials and objects.
Its not easy to giving feedback to an audience, but you did it, and more importantly we enjoyed it. well done to you both.
Future Garden Visits
Possible garden visits from May on wards and with a walk & talk sessions include the following gardens, dates, times, cost to follow:
Upton Castle
Picton Castle
Botanical Garden
Abergwili {Bishops Palace} .
Stackpole walled Garden
Open Gardens – National Garden Scheme.
If you’ve any further places to visits and or preferences, then please let me know by email.
Gardening Talks at Village Hall {Wednesday 7:30pm}
Steve Whitehead {Head Gardener Colby} December 11th, subject; History and Development of Colby Estate.
Paul and Liz Oneill {Owners Llwyngarreg}, January 29th, subject; The Last Cow.
Piers Lunt {Abergwili Bishops Palace}, February 26th, subject;  Tywi project.
Joseph Aitkin {Head Gardener Aberglasney}, March 11th, subject; To Be Agreed.
Huw Richards {HuwsNursery on YouTube}, April 8th, subject; My Journey, Method of Growing and the RHS. Huw will have two books on sale at this meeting.
Any Other Business
Paul Webb is willing to provide some practical training with regard to making Christmas wreaths and door decorations, if you are interested, then please email me. I’m thinking about November and either at the Village Hall or at Tavernspite Garden Centre.
Dee has offered to give us a talk on Bees as Pollinators, date to discuss at a later date, suggest the month of May.
Dee & Pauline have offered to give us practical training with regard to making Christmas decorations using garden greenery materials, date and time to agree.
Marie from Greenacre is able to provide practical training with regard to pruning fruit trees. if you are interested in having this training, then can you please email me, it would be on a Saturday morning. The cost to us would be £25 for up to two hours and over two hours £45.
Pembrokeshire Beekeepers Association meeting on the 27th of October at 2pm to 4pm at the Georges 24 Market Street Haverfordwest.
Colby Winter Fair 16th and 17th of November.
Picton Castle Winter Fair 23rd and 24th of November Victorian Christmas Fair.
Aberglasney Winter Fair 29th of November and 1st of December, see web site for further information. http://aberglasney.org/events-and-exhibitions/the-winter-fair-2019/
Narberth Big Plant Sale 2nd May 2020.
Fund Raising Quiz for Wildlife and Gardening Group, Dee will arrange for a Monday evening in January at the Temple Bar.
Ted Talks which is about Plant Science (how plants communicate with pollinators etc), see links below.
Sylvia mentioned Paul has some Clematis plants available and at a reasonable price at Tavernspite Garden Centre,
St Clears Gardening Club guest speaker on the 11th of November is Sheena Crossley (Gardening made Easier), charge is £2 per person, anyone whose interested then get in touch please.
Date if Next Meeting
To be circulated later.

===Aug 24th Update===

Good afternoon everyone,
Hope you are all enjoying the weather and gardening…
Many thanks for attending our visit to Picton Castle yesterday, and the talk and walk session with the head gardener Roddy Milne.
From our (Sue and I) perspective there were areas of the gardens that we had never visited before, especially the avenue of Myrtle, so yes really enjoyed the tour, and Maria’s food!
Looking forward to Roddy giving us a talk at the village hall on plant propagation perhaps in the coming winter months?
If you’ve anything to add to the agenda of our meeting on September 11th then please let me know.
This is what it looks like so far:
° Dee talk on slug control.
° Way forward.
° Gardening talks and themes.
° Financial situation.
° Annual membership.
° Kilgetty in Bloom.
° AOB.
Possible talks:
* Joseph Aitkin (Aberglasney).
* Piers Lunt (Abergwili Tywi Gateway).
* Huw Richards from Huw’s Nursery (YouTube).
* Terry Walton.
* Paul O’Neill (Llwyngarreg).
* Roddy Milne (Picton Castle)

===Aug 8th Update===

Good evening everyone,
Within regard to our visit to Paul and Liz O’Neil garden at Llwyngarreg Llanfallteg SA34 0XH.
It looks like Friday’s weather forecast is not very good, so I’ve cancelled our visit, but the alternative date is Sunday the 11th of August and starting at 2pm.
If you would like to car share, then can you meet at the village hall at 1:30pm please.
Many thanks to Paul and Liz O’Neill for their support.
Suggest you bring along suitable warm clothing and footwear please.
Kind regards,

===July 29th Update===

Good evening everyone,

I have arranged a visit to Paul and Liz O’Neill’s Llwyngarreg garden on the 9th of August, starting at 5pm. The charge will be £4-50 per person.
Suggest if you wish to car share, then please meet at Llanteg village hall at 4:15pm.
On Saturday 10th August and between 2pm and 5pm, Ken and Pauline are holding an Open Garden Afternoon at Coombshead, and all funds raised will be donated to Llanteg Gardening Group. Please attend if you can.
But if it’s a wet day, then the alternative date is August 17th.
As for visiting Picton Castle.
Suggest we visit on Friday the 23rd of August, meeting at 11am at Picton Castle. If you would like to car share, then please meet at the village hall at 10:15am.
If could please confirm you are attending, then I can see what discount we can get on the entrance fee.
As for our next gardening group meeting. Can you all please attend a meeting at the Village Hall on Wednesday the 11th of September at 7pm.
Items on the agenda are as follows:-
° Way forward.
° Gardening talks.
° Financial situation.
° Annual membership.
° Winter vegetables.
But if you’ve any further items to add, then please let me know.
Possible talks:
° Joseph Aitkin from Aberglasney.
° Piers Lunt from Abergwili Tywi Gateway.
° Dee from the local wildlife group.
° Huw Richards from Huw’s Nursery (YouTube).
° Terry Walton.
° Paul O’Neill.
Kind regards,

===17 July 2019 Update===
Good evening everyone,

Hope all is well with you, and that you’re enjoying your gardens.
Firstly, many thanks for coming along to Aberglasney.
It was a beautiful day and the gardens were at their best, and I hope you enjoyed it all.
I’m sure we could have listened to Joseph for a lot longer than just an hour.
So looking forward, I’ve asked Joseph if it’s possible to give us a talk at the Village Hall during the later part of the year.
Thanks to Joseph’s prompt response, I now have a comprehensive list of talks and at a cost of £75. So suggest we talk about this at our next meeting.
As for the trip to Llwyngarreg garden in Llanfallteg on the 22nd of July, I have unfortunately called this off due to insufficient numbers.
But if you would like to visit the gardens soon as a group?
Then please get back to me with a date and time that’s best for you,
and I will go with the consensus.
The dates below are when Llwyngarreg is not open.
July 24th and 29th.
August 2nd to the 8th and 20th and 23rd.
September 1st.
Finally, if there’s interest in going to Picton Castle in August, then can you each please get back to me if you’re interested.
A date and time for the visit would be useful please?

Kind regards

===3rd July 2019 Update===

Good afternoon everyone,
Hope you’re all enjoying your gardening or just the beautiful weather and Pembrokeshire scenery?
Can those who are coming along to Aberglasney on the 12th of July be at Aberglasney by 10:45am at the latest please.
Or, If you wish to car share, then suggest we meet at the Village Hall at 10am please, should take us 40mins to Aberglasney.
The garden walk and talk with Joseph (head gardener) starts at 11am and lasts an hour, then after lunch you can walk around the garden at your leisure.
I’ve not arranged lunch, but this can be booked in advance if you wish by contacting the restaurant on 01558667959, although there is a small area designated for picnics if you wish.
The gardens open at 10am and close at 6pm, the charges are £8-90 per person and the £60 charge for Joseph’s talk will be equally divided between the 12 who are attending.
If we have 10 members paying the entrance fee, then the admission charge would be £7-60 per person, but since we’ve four members who are season ticket holders and they don’t count in the 10, then the fee is £8-90.
Hope that makes sense!
On the 22nd of July, I’ve provisionally arranged a visit to Llwyngarreg which is in the village of Llanfallteg, and is part of the National Garden Open scheme.
The owners Paul and Liz O’Neill are willing to allow us to start our visit at 6pm and finish at 8pm approximately.
This I’m hoping will be a convenient time for those of you who have busy lives (work), and Liz will provide refreshments (separate charge) if you wish? The entrance fee is is £4-50 for adults and children are free.
Please get back to me if you or any friends or family are interested in coming along and would like refreshments?
Also, don’t forget Ludchurch show at Llanteg Village Hall on the 2nd of August, schedule and entry forms available from Eve Cornthwaite on 01834 814826.
As far as I’m aware, you don’t have to live in Ludchurch to enter, and it’s not all about vegetables and flowers!
Finally for all our outdoor visits, please wear suitable clothing and sun-factor etc if conditions dictate.
Kind regards,
===10th June 2019 Update===
Good evening everyone,
Hope you all had a great day in the garden, or just enjoying the weather.
Firstly Andrew Martin from the Carmarthenshire Meadows Group has kindly agreed to give us a talk on meadows and bees at the VH on the 26th of June at 7pm.
Please make every effort to attend, see link below.
Also, have booked a visit to Aberglasney on the 12th of July, so can you confirm you’re attending as soon as possible please.
The reason being is that if we have more than ten people (excluding members), then the entrance fee is £7:60 per person, and the charge for Joseph’s (head gardener) talk is £60 (not each) total. The usual entrance fee is £8:90.
Suggest that in order to get value from the day. Then we arrive at 11am and start the talk with Joseph (1hr) either before or after lunch. We can have lunch in the restaurant or bring your own, then conclude by taking a further look at the gardens?
The gardens open at 10:30am and close at 6pm.
Will confirm dates for Picton Castle, Scolton Manor and Upton Castle at a later date, but if anyone has any other preferences, then please get in touch.
Finally are there any further volunteers for the Kilgetty in Bloom judging please?
Kind regards,

===7th June 2019 Update===

Good day everyone,
We’ve been asked if we could provide two people to judge the Kilgetty in Bloom competition, and I’m looking for two volunteers please.
I have more details, but basically the judging takes place between 9:30am and 3pm on the 10th of July, lunch is provided.
If anyone is interested then please get back to me please.


What about a Garden in Bloom competition for our community?

Also, I’ve contacted Andrew Martin from the Carmarthenshire Meadows Group regarding giving us a talk on Meadow flowers and bees. The talk would be at the village hall and on a Wednesday evening and in June or July. Will get back to you to confirm a date and time.


As for visiting Aberglasney. I’ve asked Joseph (head gardener) for available dates in July, and await a reply. The charge would be £7-60 per person provided we had more than ten attending, plus the £60 (total) for the talk with Joseph.

In August, I thought we could visit Picton Castle, but would appreciate your views on what day is best for you, and will then go with the consensus.


Finally, if there’s interest, then we could visit Scolton Manor in late August or early September, will get back to you with more information.


Kind regards,

===31st May 2019 Update===

Good morning everyone,
Many thanks for attending the fund raising at Polly’s and Roger and Jane’s, and for your generosity.
The total amount raised was £203-80p, which is a significant amount in view of our numbers, and it does reflect the level of enthusiasm for our gardening group.
Many thanks to Polly and family and Roger and Jane for all their fund raising efforts.
We also sold seven of John Davies’s gardening books, with £2 from each copy going to Gardening Group funds. Thanks to John for his generosity.
We will look into opening a bank account as soon as possible.
Today (31st) at 6pm we have hanging baskets and tubs practical training with Paul at Tavernspite Nursey between 6pm and 7pm.
Please make every effort to attend, since Paul has been very generous to do this for us.
Will update you soon with regard the talk by Andrew Martin from the Carmarthenshire Meadows Group.
Finally still anticipating visits to Aberglasney, Picton Castle and Scolton Manor… later in the summer.
However, would appreciate your views on a suitable day and time to visit these venues, since it’s important to find a convenient time for as many people as possible.
Kind regards,

===1 May 2019 Update===
Good morning gardeners,
Can you confirm that you would be interested in visiting Aberglasney Gardens on the evening of the 7th of June please.
The plan would be to have a conducted tour of the gardens with Joseph Atkin (head gardener), lasting an hour.
Then for those who are interested, there’s Live music at 7pm from ‘Sax Pax’, also if you wish you can book a table in the restaurant or bring along a picnic.
If you want to book a table and meals for the music by the pool, then please contact the tearoom direct on 01558667959.
The cost is £60 (total not each) for the w & t session and if you stay for the music at 7pm it’s £10 for non members and £8 for members.
There is no charge for entry to the garden at 5pm.
Obviously before going ahead, I need to know how many are interested, so I know the cost per person (£60/number of people).
See link below for more info:

As for Picton Castle, there’s two options, the first option includes a talk followed by a guided tour around the gardens by Roddy Milne (head gardener), learning about the species of trees and plants along with the history of the gardens. This w&t session starts at 5:30pm, lasts and hour and the cost is £6 per person for >12 persons and the minimum charge is £72 (total).
The second option is the above tour but with refreshments (tea, coffee, cakes) the cost would be £8:50 per person for >12 persons and minimum charge is £72 (total), again the starting times would be 5:30pm and lasting an hour.
There appears to be a more extensive menu available for those who are interested, but we would have to arrange this with Maria in the restaurant.
There are other events during the year at Picton, so if we agreed on a date, it could coincide with an evening event,such as outdoor cinema….
Have look and see what you would like, see link below:

Perhaps we could discuss this when we visit Janes and Rogers on the 26th of May (3-6pm) for the fund raising tea please.

Other items of interest include:

Narberth big plant sale on May 4th.
Templeton plant sale on May 11th.

Kind regards

===25th April 2019 Update===
Good evening everyone,

Firstly many thanks to Caz and Nihm for a very interesting permaculture talk, and appreciation to all for your support and enthusiasm and generous donations to our Gardening Group funds.

Moreover, in order to raise funds for our GG, Roger and Jane are having afternoon tea at their home (Mountain Chapel) on Sunday the 26th of May between 3pm and 6pm. Thanks both for this kind gesture, can you all please come along and support this event.
As for our current financial position, as a result of our room raffle and plant donations on Wednesday and after deducing the VH rental (£17), then our funds stand at £51.40. Again appreciation to everyone who brought plants along and for your donations.
We’ve seven copies of John Davies new book entitled Love your veg, love your Garden.
The books cost £10 each, with £2 per copy is being donated by John to our GG, if you would like a copy, then please get in touch.
Currently I have five members interested in going along to Tavernspite Nursery, can you please email me if your interested and I will arrange a suitable date and time with Paul.
As for the talk by Terry Walton at Bronwydd Hall on May the 21st at 7pm, can those who are coming along please meet at the VH car park at 6:15pm, we can car share from there.
===22nd April 2019 Update===
Good evening everyone,
Firstly, many thanks for attending the talk and walk at Colby Gardens, and our appreciation goes to Christine, Geraint and Andy for making our visit a memorable one.
Our next meeting is on the 24th of April, when we have a permaculture talk with Caz and her friend Nihm at the Village Hall, starting at 7pm and lasting around an hour.
Many thanks to Caz and Nihm for doing this for us, so please can you make every effort to attend.
Perhaps we can discuss fund raising at the end of the meeting?
Also for those who are interested, Terry Walton (BBC radio gardening pundit) is the guest speaker at Bronwydd Hall on the 21st of May, the entrance fee is £2 per person. Bronwydd is situated just outside Carmarthen and not far from the Gwili steam railway, if you’re interested, then please email me so I can make arrangements with Bronwydd gardening club. We can car share as we have in the past if there’s a need.
Paul Webb has offered to provide some practical knowledge on how to create displays for hanging baskets/tubs/pots, so again, can I ask how many of you are interested please? It would take place at Tavernspite nursery in the early evening, date and exact time to agree with Paul.
Kind regards,

===8 April 2019 Update===

Good evening everyone,
Many thanks for those who were able to attend the Stackpole walled garden visit, as well as being so lucky with the weather, the talks by Debbie and Harriet was both interesting and enjoyable.
Our next visit will be to Colby gardens on the 16th of April starting at 10am and lasting about an hour, many thanks to Andy Dawe for leading this talk and walk session and for the information below.
If you’re not a National Trust member, then the cost wIll be £8 per person, but Andy has suggested that if we had more than 15 attendees then we maybe eligible for a discount for non members?
Therefore, can you please give me a heads up on if your attending please?
Suggest you wear suitable footwear and clothing, and after calling at reception, then can we meet at Colby (Bothy) next door to the tea room at 10am please, also if you need transport, then please get in touch with me.
The visit includes a tour of the walled garden and gardens surrounding the meadow and lasting 90 minutes. Dogs are welcome in all but the walled garden, but must be kept on a lead at all times.
The tea room is open, and there are lots of Rhododendrons and Camellia in bloom and the Bluebell are just appearing.
Then on the 24th of April, we have a permaculture talk with Caz and her friend Nihm at the Village Hall, starting at 7pm and lasting around an hour.
Many thanks to Caz and Nihm for doing this for us, so please make every effort to attend.
The Narberth Big Plant sale is on Saturday the 4th of May and at the Town Moore, see link below;

Throughout the summer, we have the National Garden Scheme with numerous gardens open to the public and within 25miles radius, see

https://www.ngs.org.uk/find-a-garden/?from_date=&to_date=&date=all_dates&by_arrangement=0&order_by=date&location=SA678QJ%20. Perhaps we can discuss which of the NGS gardens you would like to visit at our meeting on April 24th?
Suggest we also ask Leah and Sola if we can visit Greenacre Market Garden later in the summer?
Finally, more information on visits to Picton Castle and Aberglasney at a later date.
Many thanks for your support,

===18 March 2019 Update===

Good morning everyone,

Hope all’s well with and that the weather forecast which looks good for Wednesday is accurate, but just incase please bring warm clothes and your wellies.

If you plan on car sharing, then please meet at the Village Hall at 1pm, at the moment Carolyn and Polly can travel with us (Sue and I) but I expect there will be spaces for anyone else needing a lift. If you’re not sure of how to get there, then we will follow in convoy.

If you’ve already made arrangements, then ignore this!

The talk and walk session with Debbie and Harriet wIll start around 2pm, but if you want some food and drinks then the restaurant is open.


Finally as for permaculture talk. Many thanks to both Caz and Nihm who are giving us a permaculture talk on April the 24th at 7pm in the Village Hall, this is much appreciated, since life is busy.

If you’ve any specific areas of interest, then please email me in advance so I can update Caz, otherwise there will be opportunities to ask specific questions on the night.

Will email the wider group about permaculture latter in April.

Kind regards,

===3 March Update===

Good day gardeners,
Despite it being a cold dismal day out there (Sunday), I’m sure your all looking forward to warmer brighter days ahead in the gardening world.
Many thanks for coming along to our meeting last Wednesday, and for your enthusiasm and ideas going forward.
As far as the permaculture talk with Caz, I’m hoping that we can now have this on the 27th of March, but will update you when this is confirmed.
Thanks to Ken and Pauline for sharing plants with us, it all adds to the positivity within the group.
Also it was good to see Eve, Dawn and Alison at the meeting and thanks to Eve for sharing ideas with us and I’m sure there’s more to learn going forward.
Eve mentioned that she and Bob grow the following:
Tomatoes: Shirley – Sweet Million
Farmer Long Aubergines.
With regard to the RHS show (Cardiff) on the 12th to the 14th of April, the only coach operator running day trips is Taf Valley Coaches (01994240908) and there are seats available.
The details of the talk regarding “growing vegetables differently” by Huw Richards (HuwsNursery YouTube) is below.
The diary looks like this:
March 6th talk by Huw Richards (YouTube) at Llangynin Bryn Hall at 7pm, cost £2/person, suggest anyone who’s interested meets at the Llanteg Village Hall car park at 6:20pm and we car share to Llangynin.
March 11th St Clears Gardening Club talk by Ivor Mace on growing vegetables, 7pm at Ysgol Griffith Jones (school) St Clears, cost  £2/person. Suggest anyone who’s interested meets at the LVH car park and we car share to St Clears.
March 18th wildlife and gardening quiz with soup etc, 7:30pm at Temple Bar Amroth, cost £2/person for soup. Please contact Pauline if you’re going along Critchlow23@btinternet.com
March 20th talk and walk session, 2pm Stackpole walled gardens with Debbie and Harriet, cost £30 total for the group (not each) the money goes to the Mencap charity. The tea room will be open for drinks and cakes, but the full menu isn’t available till the end of March.
April 12th to the 14th RHS Cardiff, day trips with Taf coach company.
April 16th talk and walk session, 10am Colby Garden with Andy, tea room will be open.
May 4th Narberth Big Plant Sale, see https://span-arts.ticket-solve.com/shows/873601902
May ** Templeton Plant Sale, don’t have a date, but in the past its within a week of the Narberth sale.
June, July or August, visit Aberglasney for walk and talk session with head gardener Joseph Atkin, price £60 for the group plus our individual entry fee.
August 2nd Ludchurch Horticultural Show at Llanteg Village Hall, as far as I know there are no restrictions on who can enter, and we will get a schedule as soon as possible.
Also if you know of someone who’s not on email then please keep them updated.
Finally, If you’ve any comments or ideas or you need help with transport for any of the events, then please get in touch.
Good gardening and keep warm,
Kind regards,

===14th February 2019 Update===

I’m hoping we can have a talk on the subject of permaculture on the 27th of February at 7:30pm at the village hall, but this is to be confirmed.
However, if this is not possible, then suggest we have a general chat based on the format of our last meeting, sharing ideas and asking questions? Appreciate your views on this please?
As far as meetings, visits and going forward, then see the summary below.
St Clears and District Gardening Club at Ysgol Griffiths Jones school on the 11th of March at 7pm for a talk by Ivor Grace on the subject of growing vegetables, charge £2 per person for a raffle ticket. The school is on the right hand side heading north along station road.
Stackpole Centre on the 20th of March, meeting at 2pm. This is a walk and talk session with Harriet and Debbie, so some gardening and history of the walled garden, and there’s the cafe serving food and cakes etc. The charge is a £30 donation to the Mind charity.
RHS show in Cardiff between the 12th to the 14th of April, tickets available on line, and as mentioned previously there are a number of coach companies running organised day trips to the RHS with local pickup points.
I’m aware that there is interest in the RHS trip, so perhaps we can discuss this at the next meeting. Appreciate not everyone can attend the RHS, but those who are interested could travel with the same coach operator?
Colby Garden on the 16th of April meeting at 10am, the charge is £8 per person for non National Trust members, also most importantly the tea rooms are open.
I’m awaiting dates for visits to Aberglasney and the Botanical Gardens for May, June, July, and will get back you soon.

Beyond this then there’s the National Garden Scheme with a number of gardens open within 25miles of us, see link below:

Also will ask Leah and Sola about a further visit to Greenacre Market Garden later in the summer.
The Wild Life Group are having a quiz night (with soup) at the Temple Bar on March the 18th at 7:30pm, anyone wishing to come along and be part of a team, please contact Dee or Pauline (critchlow23@btinternet.com or Petethebee8@gmail.com).
The questions I’m told are not too difficult and are divided into wild life and gardening sections?
Finally would appreciate any of your views and ideas going forward please.
Kind regards,

===19th January 2019 – Update===

As far as the walk and talk session at Stackpole, the suggested date is Wednesday the 20th of March, starting at 2pm. The talk should last around an hour and includes information of historical interest as well as gardening. The restaurant is open till 4:30pm, so you can have lunch before or refreshments after the walk….
If you would like to attend, then please let me know as soon as possible?
If you would like to car share, then perhaps we can meet at the village hall car park?
There will be a donation of £30 to Mind charity for the session.
Also, Theri has a couple of hundred packets of Unwins (vegetable & flower) seeds with a Best Before date of November and December 2018.
Theri will be bringing some along to the pudding evening on Saturday. Otherwise I’m sure there will be opportunities to get some from Theri later in the month.
Finally, If your interested in growing vegetables, then there’s a talk on this topic at St Clears Gardening Club on the 11th of March at 7pm.
If your interested, then please get in touch with me.
===Report of January 2019 Meeting at the Village Hall===
Many thanks for your support and enthusiasm for our gardening group and for your attendance at our last meeting.
Thanks also to Ann for the plants and planters.
With regard to visiting the walled gardens at Stackpole for a walk and talk session, then the most likely time would be in March and on a Monday to Thursday, although suggest we look at weather forecast before committing to a date?
Can you please email me with your preferences if any, since this will help with picking a day and time.
As well as the head gardeners talk, there is a historical talk about the gardens, also the restaurant will be open, the cost would be a £30 donations to the Mind charity.
On the 11th of March, St Clears and District Gardening Club have a talk on growing vegetables, their meeting is at Ysgol Griffith Jones at 7pm, the only charge would be for us to each buy a £2 raffle ticket on the night.
We can care share if you like, and meet at the hall around 6:30pm?
As mentioned at our meeting, Andy Dawe has volunteered to give us a walk and talk session around Colby on April the 16th starting at 10am, there will be a charge for non National Trust members of £8. Also the tea room will be open.
As suggested in the meeting, I will enquire about a tour of the Botanical gardens and Aberglassney gardens and get back to you.
Suggestions going forward are:
A further visit to Greenacre in the spring.
Visit to the RHS Show in Cardiff between the 12th to the 14th of April, there are organised bus trips with Richards Brothers (coach company) and tickets for the RHS can be bought on line.
Visit Usk garden open in June, http://www.uskopengardens.com/
Other information includes:
Premier Seeds Direct as a source of cheap seeds, https://www.premierseedsdirect.com/
Maria from Greenacre is available for help with the gardening and Maria’s number is 07479660520.
Finally, Dee (Woodreef Amroth) from the wildlife group is arranging a quiz night including soup and possibly at the Wanderers in late March, more information to follow from Dee next month.
Kind regards,
===New Year Report===
Good evening everyone,
Firstly thank you for your continued ideas and enthusiasm for our gardening group.
From your comments at the next meeting we will share ideas, so please think about questions as well as your ideas going forward.
Things to discuss at the next meeting include:
Having future meetings earlier in the day.
Visiting Stackpole walled garden for a question and answer session.
On the 11th of March St Clears gardening club have guest speaker giving a talk on Growing Vegetables, the cost would be £2 each for a raffle ticket.
On the 16th of April (10am), Andy Dawe has offered to take us around Colby Gardens. There will be a charge for non National Trust members of £8, will discuss further at next meeting.
Finally Ann Newman, has offered some Aloe Vera plants and Tomato planters, and she will bring them along to our next meeting.

Gardening Group – November Meeting

The inaugural meeting of our Gardening Group took place at Llanteg Village Hall (LVH) on the 17th of October, many thanks for the encouraging support and for the suggestions regarding the way forward.

At the meeting it was decided we would not form a committee at this stage, and that the ethos of the group was to share knowledge, along with plants and seeds. Thanks also to John Davies for his helpful advice on the night.

On the 19th of November, we enjoyed a very informative walk and talk session around Greenacre Market Garden, many thanks to Leah and Sola and family for arranging this and answering our many questions.

At our November meeting, which took place at the LVH on the 21st, we enjoyed a very interesting question and answer session thanks to Paul Webb from Tavernspite Garden Centre.

Our next meeting will take place at LVH on the 9th of January at 7:30pm, please email Roy.James1536@gmail.com if you’re interested in joining us.

garden club poster october

First Meeting 17th October Update
Firstly many thanks to you all (18) for attending our first meeting last Wednesday and apologies for some of the content and for keeping you so long.
I hope you found some of what was said to be of use to you, although there are concerns regarding the use of the chemicals mentioned, so please read instructions and use personal protective equipment when necessary. 
I appreciate that some of you would prefer to go ahead with forming a management committee, but as mentioned previously I suggest we have a few more meetings before deciding this, after all we don’t want to frighten people away.
Since at the outset, some of you wanted a club that shared ideas, produce, plants and seeds, and not to get bogged down with a bureaucratic organisation!
I would appreciate your views regarding the way forward, along with ideas of what you would like to discuss at the next meeting please, my e-mail address is Roy.james1536@gmail.com
If you know of anyone outside our immediate area who would like to come along to our next meeting, then they are welcome.
As regards our next meeting, it will be at 7:30pm on Wednesday the 21st of November at the Village Hall, although if you would like to discuss anything specific prior to this then there’s always the coffee morning at the end of this month.
Notes from meeting:
YouTube HuwsNursery
Thompson and Morgan seeds, advice and videos.
Sulphate of Potash sweetens tomatoes.
Hughes and John top soil supplier.
Epsom salts (Magnesium Sulphate) improves plant growth.

Gardening Group Beginnings

We are planning informal monthly get-togethers where we can share tips, ideas and maybe swop plants over a cuppa. To be held monthly in Llanteg Hall and are for amateurs — so do not think you have to be knowledgeable to come along — all you need is to be interested!

If you would like to come along, become involved or know more please contact Roy James 831468 or email roy.james1536@gmail.com

Initial meet up was at the Coffee Morning in Llanteg Hall Friday 31st Aug. 10.30am to gauge interest. 


There was a great turnout at the Coffee Morning today with almost 30 people popping in – though a few might have turned up for info on the proposed new Gardening Club!

===New Llanteg Gardening Group to be set up===
After a really good turn-out at Llanteg’s Coffee Morning, plus messages from those who could not attend, we have around twenty people who showed an interest so have decided to proceed and set up a Gardening Group.
The premise is to share ideas and information, be it on fruit, vegetables and flowers or on other gardening topics such as how to build raised beds or set up a polytunnel.  It does not matter if you have a large or small garden, or no garden a all.  Maybe you just do tubs or have houseplants.
Roy commented that he is also a novice but interested in learning and finding out more. We could possible have some talks and maybe even visits later on.
We can decide the format of our meetings as we go along.
It will be good to get-together to share ideas and maybe produce and seeds etc.  We are open to ideas and suggestions.
The first meeting is planned for Llanteg Hall on Wednesday 17th October at 7.30pm. 
We do not plan to have a formal committee etc but will have to ask for a small contribution each meeting to cover hall rental – this will probably be £1 or less depending on how many attend.

There is also a blog at – https://llanteggardening.blogspot.com/ and a ‘Llanteg Community Gardening Group’ Facebook page.