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Llanteg is a small village in Pembrokeshire, on the county border with Carmarthenshire, in South West Wales, UK. It is within the parish of Crunwere and bisected by the A477, the main route into South Pembrokeshire. Crunwere has an old redundant church (St. Elidyrs) which is located through a field in the north east of the parish.

The two village chapels (Zoar Baptist & Mountain Congregational) are both also sadly closed.  Zoar is now a Chapel of Rest for E.C.Thomas & Sons and Mountain Chapel has been virtually demolished and the ‘footprint’ of the building has been made into a memorial garden.

Books/Booklets on Llanteg History and It’s Families

Four History Books

£5.99 – 2000

£4.99 – 2001

£4.99 – 2002

£4.99 – 2010

Two Picture Books (up to 1950s)

£4.99 – 2004

£4.99 – 2005

Five Booklets

£3 – 2001 – House History I

£3 – 2002 – Graves

£4 – 2003 – W.I.History

£3 – 2004 – House History II

£3 – 2005 – Village Recipes

The above have been published by Llanteg History Society – check out Llanteg History Publications page for a full list of contents.
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Llanteg History Society Blog – www.llanteghistorysociety.blogspot.com

These publications are all available for purchase from the History Group Secretary, Ruth Roberts.
Tel:- 01834 831298.