Llanteg Publications

Llanteg History Society have published eleven books/booklets.
These are all available for purchase from Ruth Roberts, Sandy Grove, Llanteg, Narberth Pembs SA67 8QG  01834 831298– ruthroberts123@gmail.com  

(Please make cheques payable to Llanteg History Society and add £1.20 per book for postage.)   

So far we have published:- 

Four History Books    



 General Village & Family History  Personal Reminiscences
 History of Village & House Names  REMINISCENCES:-
 Ancient Houses  Alice Brinsden
 Field Names  Tony Brinsden
 Named Features  Margaret Carter
 Local Dialect  Bob Davies
 Size of Village  Ronnie Glanville
 Vanished & Lost Houses  Margaret Hooper
 Old Llanteg Families  Glyn James
 St Elidyr’s Church  Roy James
 Zoar Chapel  Audrey James
 Ben Price Recollections  Eileen Oriel
 19c. Schools  Desmond Wolff
 Mountain Chapel  
 Ghost Stories  
 Farming Methods  
 Servants & Mobility  
 A Rural Tragedy  
 Medical Provision  
 Parish Relief  
 Alfred James’s Diary Extracts  
 Water & Electricity  
 Village Activities in 1920s  
 School Life up to 1946  
 Extracts from School Log Book 1935-46  
 Village Buses in 1940s  
 Early Shops & P.O.  
 Changes over last Century  




 General Village & Family History  Personal Reminiscences
 Crunwere Church  Betty Bevan
 Zoar Chapel  Ruth Bevan
 Ancient Remains  Kenneth George
 Ben Price Recollections  Susan James
 Favourite Names  Kathleen Davies
 The Poor House  Noel Davies
 19c. Industry & Workers  Mary Evans
 Oaklands  Allen Phelps
 1897 Parish Magazine Extracts  Constance Scourfield
 Crunwere Burials 1813-1920  Sylvia Roggers
 John & Betsy Thomas, Golden Lion  Marjorie Thomas
 Scourfield Family  John Tunster
 School Minute Book Extracts  Olive Williams
 Memories of Mrs C.Dunbar  David Vale
 Tigers in Llanteg  Vaughan Wilson
 James Family of Broomylake  Alwyn James
 Davies Family of Blackheath  
 Home Remedies  
 Miss Georgie of Oaklands  
 Davies Family of Bevlin & Sparrowsnest  
 Memories of Millie Phillips, Middleton  
 Llanteg Y.F.C.  
 Llanteg Home Guard  
 Service Men & Women  
 Memories of Llanteg in 1940s  
 Crunwere News 1914-77  
 George Gibbs  
 Craft of Grave Lining  Appendix
 Poem  List of villagers who served in both World Wars




 General Village & Family History  Personal Reminiscences
 Early Bits & Pieces  REMINISCENCES:-
 Hearth Tax 1662-89  Lenna Beaven
 Ben Price News Articles  Elwyn Callen
 History of Trenewydd  David Callen
 Llanteg Mail Coach  Alun Davies
 Crunwere in 1844  Bob Davies
 Wooden Horse  Noel Davies
 Woman’s Lot in 19c. Crunwere  Betty Dyer
 Where Were They in 1881?  Delme Evans
 Alfred James  Mary Evans
 Funeral of Alfred James  Ronnie Glanville
 The Captain  Alwyn James
 A Missionary in Africa  Audrey James
 Wealthy Widow of Llanteglos  Glyn James
 Crunwere Family Surnames  Mary James
 Extracts from School Log Book  Nancy John
 Ghosts and Omens  Josephine Kirk
 John Davies, Greenacre  Violet Merriman
 James Merrilees, Stanwell  Sylvia Rogers
 Glanville Family  Lilian Watts
 Oriels of Llanteg  Ruth Williams
 Phillips Family of Crofty  Desmond Wolff
 Parsells of The Valley  
 Early 20c. Llanteg  
 Extracts from Gladys Wilkins Diary 1941  
 Llanteg News 1951 & 1965  
 Roman Ruins of Trelessy  
 Llanteg Y.F.C.  APPENDIX
 Crunwere Church Memorials  Size of village 1801-1981
 Llanteg Roads  Houses in Crunwear 1787
 First Cuckoo  Farm sizes 1851
 Deep Roots in Crunwere – Phillips/Davies/John/Evans  Distribution of Glanvilles 1881
 Lewis – the Lost Family  Y.F.C.members 1950/51
 1901 Census  Y.F.C. members 1971/72


 LLANTEG LOOKING BACK  June 2010  (£4.99) 
 Crunwere in the Early Years The Scourfield Family
Population Figures (1536-1815)  The Wilkin Family of Amroth and Crunwere
Crunwere Wills E.C.C. St Davids 1600 – 1857   20th Century Crunwere 
Inventory – Reignald Howell Trenewydd – 1686 Some Notes on Mountain Chapel
Amroth Inscriptions Mountain Chapel  Survey – 2002/3
Jury Service in Crunwere – 1786-1900 1904 Sales Notice (Crunwere Farm and Rigmanhill)
General Elections (1812 and 1831)  Llanteglos House Sale 1903 and 1940
Crunwere Milestones The South Pembrokeshire Dialect in the Llanteg Locality
 The Poor of Crunwere Parish Extracts from Crunwere-related Newspaper Articles
Early Llanteg Inquests Extracts from St Elidyr’s Church Minute Book 1941-80
Old Llanteg Families   Early 20th Century Obituaries 
The Allens of Crunwear Charles Allen 1939
Ancestors of Alfred James (1859-1950) Mary Davies 1928
My Mason/Lewis/James Ancestors Evelyn Ebsworth 1931
The Mathias Family W.J.Ebsworth 1937
Some Ancestral Links to Crunwere James Price John 1937
The Family of John Allan Phelps Elizabeth Raymond 1939
The Wilkins Family of Amroth and Crunwere Sarah Reynolds 1933
Henry John and his Descendants Mary Jane Willment 1944
The Dalton Family – Royal Connections? Elizabeth Wolff 1937
The George Family of The Downs   Reminiscences 
Daniel and Jane/Jennett Griffiths of Crunwear   Christmas Customs 
The Jenkins Family of Lanteague   Appendix 
The Lewis family of Homeleigh and Coombs Farm Llanteg History Society Members
John Henry Martin – The Trenewydd Connection   Bibliography 
Ancestors of John Mason Ruelwall  
James Merrilees of Stanwell – 1890s  
Frances Morgan –First Welsh Female Doctor and Llanteg  
Granny Gertrude and the Parsell Family of The Valley  
The Family of Rev’d William David Phillips of Crunwere  
The Purser Family – on the Trail of the Lost Hair Bracelet  
Follow-up on the Pursers in Pembroke – Chasing the Hair Bracelet


Two Picture Books – Up to 1950s    






Grave Inscriptions   


2002  (£3.00)    


History of Llanteg W.I.    


 2003  (£4.00)    


House Histories of Older Properties    


2001  House Histories up to 1900 (£3.00)    



 2004  House Histories for 20th Century (£3.00)    


Village Recipe Book    


  Published in 2005   (£3)