Amroth Community Coronavirus Support



In light of the current Coronavirus situation, on Tuesday a group of local residents created a group to help local residents who may need support during the Coronavirus crisis. They are called Amroth Good Neighbours.

Amroth Good Neighbours are planning to contact all households in the Amroth ward (this includes Amroth, Llanteg, Stepaside, Pleasant Valley, Summerhill and Wiseman’s Bridge). This is in common with other communities throughout the country to offer support to those in self isolation.

Volunteers are needed firstly to distribute contact cards throughout Amroth, Llanteg, Stepaside, Pleasant Valley, Summerhill and Wiseman’s Bridge on Friday this week (20th).

They also then need volunteers who are willing to be phone contacts, to potentially arrange shopping, collect prescriptions, post mail or just have a reassuring chat – in fact to be a Good Neighbour.

If you are able to offer assistance in any way, please visit to sign up and get more information.


Thanks to all of you who have volunteered to help your neighbours during the Coronavirus outbreak. The Amroth Community Council, which I Chair, has agreed to continue this Good Neighbours initiative until this outbreak is over.

Our aim is to keep all local residents of Amroth Community Council area updated with useful and essential information about how we can support each other during this time and minimise the risk of local infections.

I have asked my colleague, Alec Cormack, to edit this regular newsletter and I hope you find it useful.

Stephen Phillips
Tel: 01834 855808

Congratulations on being part of such a strong community response to this situation. Our email box is full of thanks from people who received our Good Neighbours leaflet over the weekend. For many who are self-isolating it has been a truly uplifting experience to know their neighbours will support them if necessary.

Although we hope that our district can avoid the worst of this terrible outbreak, the Community and County Councils are preparing their plans to deal with whatever occurs, and Good Neighbours, with its network of volunteers on the ground will be best placed to communicate and support those initiatives.

By now every local house has received our leaflet, with the name and phone number of our volunteer close by who will help if necessary. Our intention is that the local volunteer on the leaflet will be the first contact in their delivery area. They will get first chance to provide the support themselves if they are able.

If someone rings us on 01834 855808 or via the website, we will refer to the local contact for support in the first instance. However if, for any reason, the local contact is unable to provide support then they can email us at and we will ask another volunteer to assist.

For that reason Good Neighbours are looking to recruit more volunteers across the whole district. We have to plan on the basis that the situation might get worse before it gets better, and we don’t want our volunteers to be overwhelmed. Please will you share this message and especially our volunteer link with your local friends and neighbours on email and social media.

Please remember, at all times your number one priority must be to stay safe yourself during the outbreak. You can only help your family, friends and neighbours if you are safe. Please watch the video below for more information. There is also a link to an NHS page with information on Coronavirus below that.

This is our first newsletter, and I expect to write once a week to everyone with updates. There may be extra updates if any urgent information needs to be shared. We will also expand our website to contain more information. We particularly want to create a list of shops who will deliver in the local areas. Please email me details if you know of any shops that are not yet on our website

Our local County Councillor, Tony Baron, is working closely with Good Neighbours and with his County Council colleagues. His latest update is available on our website here.

I encourage volunteers to email me via with any questions or comments.

Thanks again for all your help so far

Alec Cormack
Volunteer Coordinator
01834 855808
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