Dave Welton Lower Pendeilo’s Work on TV

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At the time of writing this article I am reminded of my rather unusual work 12 months ago! Last year I was commissioned to film several sequences for the groundbreaking Welsh Wildlife series ‘Wales – Land of the Wild’. I spent the summer filming Glow worms in the dead of night at Freshwater East and on my belly in the bogs of the Preseli Hills filming tiny carnivorous plants called sundews which catch and digest insects in their sticky leaves. The most challenging sequence was to film a timelapse of a Stinkhorn mushroom as they emerge out of the ground. This rather rude looking fungus (hence the name Phallus impudicus) is found in a few places in West Wales and is usually smelt before it’s seen. The mushroom first appears as an ‘egg’ shape on the woodland floor and remains dormant until the conditions are perfect. The first sign that it’s about to emerge as a mushroom is a tiny split that appears on top of the ‘egg’. Amazingly within two hours it’s fully grown. Now to the stinky bit! The stinkhorn has an unmistakable and intense rotting stench. The head is full of spores and this immediately attracts flies which in return for a mouthful of foul smelling green jelly they help spread the spores on their feet. The opening sequence of the autumn series features drone shot filmed from Lower Pendeilo with the woodland valley in full autumn colour with Colby and Amroth in the background.


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