Llanteg Hall 70th Anniversary 14 Jan 2018

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Well thank-you to everyone who braved the rain and cold tonight to come along to Llanteg Hall’s 70th Anniversary.

The Hall was decorated with colourful bunting and old 1940s adverts and there were display boards showing pictures of events held at the Hall throughout the decades.

It was great to see so many old and new faces.

We had a lovely array of different foods thanks to all who contributed.

Roy James, Hall Chairman, said a few words about the Hall’s beginnings and those groups who had used it over the years and we also had a raffle replicating those prizes that were won at the very first raffle whey the Hall opened on 14th January 1948.

The turn out was very good considering so many people are laid low with bad colds and flu – I’m sure we had going on for 55 people there.


Mike and Carolyn really entered into the spirit of the 1940s.



Members of the committee dressed as ‘nippies’, 1940s fashion.



We had a celebration cake.

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