Laugharne History Event 12th November

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November 12th – the big day of the year for Laugharne History Group – from 10 am to 4pm in the Millennium Hall. The focus is on local history in general, not just WW1, and in particular we want to support anyone who wants to do their own finding out – e.g. about their family, their house or the local area … The programme of talks etc is:
10.15 Grand Opening

•10.25 am onwards: The original Battle of the Somme film shown to the public in 1916 (in refreshments area)

MINITALKS: (in committee room)
•10.30 am Peter Boyle: Sacred wells of Carmarthenshire
•11.00 am Janet Bradshaw: People’s Collection: work done so far
•11.30 am Ann Dorsett : Views of Laugharne: B A Lewis, anartist visits
•12 noon Don Benson: St Clears Corporation and Trust-
•12.30 pm Jeff Watts: Ben Watts at War


2 p.m. Steve John : This Laugharney’s engagement with WW1 – a growing fascination

· 3 pm Video: Voices of War and Peace (Andy Edwards’ recording)

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