Lanteague Wood

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The Information panel at Lanteague Wood has rotted and collapsed.  We have been in touch with the Woodland Trust and have had very prompt replies:
‘The Woodland Trust – Hello, we’ve informed the Site Manager so they should be able to fix the problem as soon as possible. Thank you for letting us know!’

and then:

‘Thank you for your email about the old information panel at Lanteague woods. The information panel will be removed shortly and unfortunately will not be replaced as the woodland has now established well and any of the information on the old panel is now out of date. We will be installing new entrance signage in the next 12 months however, so please bear with us whilst we carry out this work to improve the site.

I hope you enjoyed your visit otherwise.



wood location

The paths look very inviting these days so if you have not been down for a walk around why not pay a visit!



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